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Get a quick uncontested divorce using a full pack of 100% court-approved forms completed by our smart system. Filing for divorce in Delaware online can be easier if you delegate complicated paperwork to our service and receive the ready-to-file forms.
With us, you get:

Prepare Delaware Divorce Papers Online

Delaware Online Divorce is an online divorce service that offers help with the paperwork necessary for marriage dissolution.

If you agree with your spouse on child custody and support, property division, debt allocation, etc., meaning your case is uncontested, you can proceed on your own, order papers from a reliable service, and apply for divorce online. It is much more beneficial than the contested divorce since you save time and money on attorneys and countless hearings and avoid stress related to court litigation.

With us, you can get filled-out Delaware divorce forms suited to your case and prepared according to the latest legal requirements. All you need to do is complete an online questionnaire for our system to prepare the ready-to-file package of legal documents. In addition to case-specific papers, you get 24/7 customer support and detailed instructions on how to file with the court.

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What Delaware Divorce Forms Do I Need to Prepare?

According to the state divorce laws, the starting package of forms required to get a divorce in Delaware consists of:

Petition for Divorce/Annulment
Information Sheet
Vital Statistics Sheet
Request for Notice

In addition, you will need to file other documents, depending on your personal situation and accompanying circumstances.

To ensure that you do not miss anything and fill out the necessary forms properly, consider entrusting divorce paperwork preparation to our service. Just complete an online questionnaire specifying all the details about your divorce and get the full package of court-approved forms that are filled out and ready for filing with the court.

How It Works?

File for Divorce in Delaware in 3 Simple Steps


Register at our platform

Answer a few simple initial questions to learn if our service can help in your specific case and create an account on our website for further assistance.


Complete a questionnaire

Provide the details about your divorce by passing a questionnaire with helpful tips at each step. Our system will use your answers to fill out the forms required in your case.


Get your divorce papers

Receive your divorce packet online and review the answers. Print out the papers, sign, notarize, and take them to the clerk in your county court to file for marriage dissolution.

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Quick & Easy Solution for Filing a Divorce

If you plan to get divorce online, do not hesitate to use our paperwork preparation service.

Here’s what you get if you register with us:

Compare Your Options for Divorce in Delaware

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Do-It-Yourself Divorce

A cheap and stress-free option as it may seem, do-it-yourself divorce can turn out to be much more troublesome:

  • You may not be able to find the needed up-to-date forms;
  • You do not know how to answer questions with incomprehensible legal wording;
  • A simple case may turn into a contested one due to inaccuracies in the documents;
  • The paperwork may be rejected, even due to minor mistakes in the forms.
A man uses an online service to submit a package of documents for divorce

Online Divorce in Delaware

Online divorce service is a perfect option to simplify the process of preparing the required forms when filing for an uncontested divorce online. With it, you can count on:

  • Stress-free process of answering the questions from the comfort of your home;
  • A professional customer support team available 24/7;
  • Affordable fixed fee for the full package of forms and filing instructions;
  • Court-approved forms filled out based on your case specifics.
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Divorce With a Lawyer

The most common option is engaging a lawyer in the divorce process. While spouses are sure that an attorney will do everything right, some specifics of their work should be noted:

  • The lawyer’s services cost several thousands of dollars;
  • The lawyer’s busy schedule may prolong the process;
  • Third-party interference may further complicate the issues, making the divorce process longer, more stressful, and expensive.

Why Choose Delaware Divorce Online?

User-Friendly Platform

You can access our website at any time and from any gadget and complete the questionnaire with no rush from the comfort of your home, having enough time to think over the answers.

Clear and Simple Process

Our easy-to-understand interface and useful tips at each stage of the questionnaire will help you provide accurate answers to legal questions that may seem tricky.

Fast Turnaround

A fast divorce is a reality when you get ready-to-file downloadable documents in some 5 days or even sooner if you request it. Just print them out, sign and notarize them, and take them to your local court.

Affordable Fixed Fee

We do not charge any extras for cases with children and provide filing instructions as a pleasant bonus in addition to the package of your case-specific ready-to-file divorce forms.

Court-Approved Forms

We give a 100% guarantee that we offer only updated legal forms approved by the state court that meet the current Delaware legal standards.

Guaranteed Expertise

When you order our divorce help online, you work with the smart system adjusted to the Delaware legal standards, guaranteeing county- and case-specific papers to meet your individual requirements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Judah, P., Delmar
“Frankly, I was surprised to see that it’s working just the way you say. I decided to give it a try despite my skepticism about such things, but I’m glad I did. You really eased my way through this nightmare.”
Judah, P., Delmar
Vera F., Ellendale
“I thought it will last forever. And what a relief it was to learn that I can get divorce paperwork online. it makes it all so much simpler and faster. and your guide is like a lifeline for a total greenhorn like me. Thanx a million!”
Vera F., Ellendale
Curtis C., Odessa
“If not for your help, I would go bankrupt. Literally! All those lawyers charge so much for simple consultations while you do it all just for $139. The best online help ever”
Curtis C., Odessa

Commonly Asked Questions

Online services for preparing paperwork are safe and legal in Delaware. The state also allows online filing. However, you need to figure out if e-filing is available in your county.

Register at our platform and check if you qualify for an uncontested divorce. Next, complete a convenient questionnaire for our system to select and fill out the necessary papers. When the paperwork is ready, you can use it to file for divorce online.

After you file with the court, the divorce duration will depend on the court’s caseload and the judge’s availability. The soonest you can get the divorce is in 6 months due to the mandatory separation period. When you order paperwork from us, it will be ready within the chosen deadline.

In the simplest case, your online divorce can cost around $500 if you do not involve a lawyer. If you have an uncontested divorce and file online, your expenses may amount to county-specific filing fees that start at $150. If you would like to order papers online, we charge $139 for the full package of filled-out forms.